“A Mange-Infected Stray Dog Finds Joy and Love, Earning the Title of ‘The World’s Happiest Pup'”

It’s amazing how much of an impact a little bit of love can have on a dog’s life. Many pets start their lives in terrible situations, struggling and fending for themselves on the streets. However, they can undergo a radical transformation once they receive the care they need.

Similar to a happy dog who always has a smile on her face after finding her forever home, Shortcake is now an internet sensation known as “The Happiest Dog in the World.” Her wide smile is genuine and she makes it all the time since being rescued by her owner, Amy Matsushima. Even when Shortcake is not sleeping, she is quite goofy, playful, and makes lots of sounds. She truly smiles the most of the time. However, Shortcake wasn’t always that happy. In fact, she began her existence as a stray dog on the streets of Fresno, California.

Amy told the Daily Mail that she came across Shortcake on the streets with severe mange and a hernia. Her time at the shelter had run out when Fresno Bully Rescue became aware of her.

According to Amy, Shortcake wasn’t in the best of health because anyone who encountered her back then stated she smelled like rotten flesh due to her mange. But when Amy viewed Shortcake’s picture online, she fell in love with the dog and her indescribable personality.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw her picture on the rescue’s website,” Amy told Good Morning America. “She looked terrible, but she was wagging her tail and smiling, and it just hit me in the heart.” “I said to myself, ‘I had to meet this dog.'”

After their initial meeting, Amy decided to adopt Shortcake, who thankfully healed quickly from her injuries. Shortcake is now a healthy, playful, and laid-back dog who prefers staying at home to going on walks. Her newfound happiness is evident on her face. However, Amy still doesn’t understand why Shortcake smiles so much. “I can’t make her stop or complete it on time,” she told GMA.

Shortcake’s pleasant expression has captured the hearts of her online followers. With over 185,000 followers on Instagram, @theladyshortcake’s fans express how much joy she brings them and how her smile brightens their day. Amy, Shortcake’s owner, finds it amazing that her furry companion can make others happy. Follow Shortcake’s Instagram for more of her adorable smile!

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A lost dog was rescued when he was found with a big smile on his face, earning him the nickname of “the happiest dog in the world.”

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