“Four-Eared Feline with a Single Eye Finds Hope and Happiness in a Loving Home”

Meet Frankie, the adorable feline you see in these photos. His full name is Frankenkitten, owing to his unique appearance – he sports four ears and is missing an eye. But don’t let that fool you – Frankie is just as playful and affectionate as any other cat. Despite his physical differences, he has adapted remarkably well and behaves like any normal kitty. And of course, his devoted family is always there to lend a helping hand whenever he needs it.

Frankenkitten 1

One day, a pair of kittens were discovered under a house in a residential area. One of them was Frankie, who had an interesting trait – four ears. Their mother was a feral cat, but the homeowners decided to take care of them and let them get used to human interaction. The ultimate plan was to find them a new home in the future.

Frankenkitten 2

When you first lay eyes on Frankie, you’ll notice his two sets of ears. His face also has a unique angular appearance, caused by an overbite. Unfortunately, Frankie lost one of his eyes due to a rupture and had to have it removed. But that’s not the end of his health issues – he also has trouble with his hind legs and knees, causing him to walk in a peculiar way.

Frankenkitten 3

Frankie’s mouth and knees underwent surgery to alleviate his pain. With the successful removal of his lower canines and treatment for his knee issues, Frankie is now more steady on his feet. In addition, the decision to remove his infected eye proved to be life-saving, as the infection could have led to the kitten’s untimely demise. Thanks to the swift actions of the veterinarians involved, Frankie is now on the road to recovery.


Although Frankie went through some tough times, his charming personality and adorable traits won the hearts of many. Despite his unique appearance, he’s just like any other feline. Spending a short amount of time with him reveals that he’s an extraordinary cat, not solely based on his looks.

Undoubtedly, Frankie faces several challenges in his daily routine caused by his physical conditions. As he has an extra pair of ears, his hearing capability is impaired, and his night vision is also not up to the mark due to the loss of one eye. Moreover, Frankie struggles with his oral intake as he faces difficulty in consuming wet food. Consequently, he has adapted to a dry-food diet and has quickly learned how to eat kibble without any problem.

Frankie’s favorite pastime is snuggling up with his owners and snoozing the day away. Despite his physical limitations, he enjoys playing with toys, refusing to let them get in the way of his happiness. His mischievous behavior often irritates his siblings and canine companions, earning him the nickname “cheeky” from those who know him best.

Naturally, Frankenkitten isn’t allowed to venture outdoors as he’s bound to encounter some trouble. However, Frankenkitten’s personality serves as a testament to the fact that true beauty is found from within.

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