“From Cruelty to Recovery: A Heartwarming Tale of a Puppy’s Healing Journey from Muzzle Cuts to Wellness”

A puppy that was found with a hairband tightly tied around its mouth was given up to a shelter that does not euthanize animals.

The hairband had gotten stuck so tightly that it had dug into her skin and caused her face to swell up to three times its normal size. Thanks to the prompt attention of Cincinnati Animal CARE, they were able to remove the hairband and stitch up the large wound. The shelter staff affectionately named her Tiffany as a nod to their love for the ’80s pop icon.

According to reports, the hairband was allegedly used to silence a young puppy and stop it from barking. This cruel act has been brought to light by the animal center’s disturbing Facebook posts. Despite the traumatic experience, Tiffany, the rescued puppy, is said to have shown remarkable resilience during her emergency treatment. She spent a night with a member of the medical team and is now recuperating under the care of the Good Samaritan who found her. The latest update suggests that Tiffany is healing well and is eating and drinking normally. The swelling on her face has considerably reduced, and her wounds are being treated with care. Cincinnati Animal CARE is urging anyone with information about Tiffany or her abuser to come forward, and PETA has announced a reward for leads that lead to an arrest. If you have any information about this incident, please contact the Hamilton County Dog Wardens at 513-541-7387.

The latest news from Tiffany is here! According to a post on the Cincinnati Animal CARE Facebook page, the lovely lady paid a visit to the shelter and she’s doing great. Her stitches are healing well and she seems to be thriving in her new foster home with her caring caretakers. It’s amazing how strong animals can be – this little pup is happy, healthy, and flourishing!

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