Meet Pompous Albert, the latest feline Instagram sensation with a permanent scowl and an uncanny resemblance to Einstein, giving Grumpy Cat a run for his money!

Say hello to the newest online sensation – Pompous Albert, the grumpy looking cat that’s taking the internet by storm. This furry feline from Salt Lake City has gained a remarkable 44.1K followers on Instagram with his unique sourpuss expressions and tufty hair. Albert, who belongs to the Selkirk Rex breed, bears an uncanny resemblance to Albert Einstein, which is why he was named after the famous physicist. With his permanent frown and wild locks, Pompous Albert is certainly one of a kind. Check out the video below to see him in action!

Albert is from Salt Lake City and is a constant source of entertainment to his 44.1k Instagram followers 

Albert, hailing from the city of Salt Lake, keeps his 44.1k Instagram fans amused with his never-ending entertainment skills.

The cat is seen glaring directly into the camera

Albert Einstein was the source of inspiration for the cat due to sharing the same hair

The famous physician Albert Einstein is the inspiration behind the name of a cat named Albert due to their similar white-grey curly hair. The Instagram page dedicated to Albert features various images of him in different situations, all with a disapproving frown and glare directed towards the camera. His owners, Mike and Susan Singleton from Salt Lake City, USA, manage the social media account and have written a bio for Albert that reads “Rejected show cat, but I’ll show them.” Along with each photo, there’s a sarcastic caption that gives the fluffy feline a sinister yet humorous internal dialogue. One image shows Albert staring fiercely at the camera with the caption, “I’m not grumpy or angry, I’m just smarter and better looking than you.” Another picture has the caption, “Albert’s Office Tip: This is the look you give a boss who wants you to work over the weekend.” The popularity of Albert’s Instagram account is similar to Grumpy Cat, another frowning feline with a permanent moody expression that found worldwide acclaim.

Albert is a breed of Selkirk Rex, known for their wild, curly hair - but not usually for their angered appareances

Albert is a type of Selkirk Rex, renowned for their untamed, coiled fur. However, they are not typically known for appearing angry.

No matter what angle Albert is pictured from, his moody disposition stays the same

Regardless of the perspective from which Albert is depicted, his melancholic temperament remains constant.

Albert's owners, Mike and Susan Singleton, show a dramatic contrast in mood, compared to their very own 'grumpy cat'

The mood of Mike and Susan Singleton, owners of Albert the cat, is strikingly different from that of their feline, who is known for his grumpiness. In a photo, Albert is caught digging through the trash and staring defiantly at the camera. In another, he has his paw on the tail of his toy cat and glares menacingly at the camera. Albert’s surly demeanor, coupled with his fluffy poodle-like fur, has made him a minor celebrity. One Instagram user remarked that “pure unadulterated hate” emanates from Albert’s eyes, while another claimed that he resembles a real-life Disney villain. Others make jokes about his “resting cat face,” and one individual even admitted to loving his scowl!

Caught rummaging through the bin, Albert still stares defiantly at his owner

Despite being caught digging through the trash can, Albert remains steadfast in his gaze, refusing to back down from his owner’s disapproving stare.

When sat with other cats, Albert's grumpy disposition is really emphasised

Albert constantly maintains his look of anger and disapproval

Albert’s grumpy and disapproving expression remains consistent, whether he is seen alongside other feline companions or simply lounging around without a care in the world.

Albert is pictured with a sinister paw on the tail of a toy mouse, with the same angered look on his face

In the photo, Albert can be seen holding a toy mouse with one paw while sporting an intimidating expression on his face.

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