“Miracle at the Shelter: A Pregnant Dog Left Abandoned Gives Birth to 14 Adorable Puppies”

9 Weeks Pregnant Mama Dog Abandoned In Front Of Our Shelter Gave Birth To 14 Little Cute Puppies!

We were pleasantly surprised when Mam Nata, a mama dog who was abandoned in front of our shelter when she was 9 weeks pregnant, gave birth to 14 adorable little puppies! This happened on Christmas Eve 22, and although she was very close to giving birth, Mam Nata was left alone in front of IAPA.

IAPA stumbled upon a dog in a feeble state, unable to stand up and filled with fear. It took some time for the volunteers to calm her down as the owner abandoned her due to her fear of giving birth to puppies. At first, the dog was quite guarded and used all her energy to keep the volunteers away, but eventually, she relaxed and became more sociable. A volunteer mentioned that she was pregnant with nearly 13-14 babies, and they scheduled an ultrasound test to make sure everything was in order. Natajuli successfully delivered all 14 adorable babies with the shelter’s aid and was taken to the vet for a quick check-up, including an ultrasound and blood tests. The mother and her puppies were found to be healthy and plump, which made the volunteers emotional seeing them.

Oops, I seem to have forgotten to give names to my 14 adorable little darlings! Naming them will surely be quite a challenge. If you’d like to take a shot at it, feel free to suggest your favorite name for them in the comments below!

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