One-Eyed Cat With Heartbreaking Past Becomes Newest Cadbury Bunny!

For the past few years, Cadbury has held a contest for a special mascot, known as the “Cadbury Bunny.” The winner doesn’t have to be a bunny, as long as they can rock a pair of bunny ears. This year’s contest focused specifically on rescue animals, and with so many adorable entries, it was difficult to decide.

Some of the finalists included Bunny the Dog, Cypress the Beaver, and Redbird the Guinea Pig. But a one-eyed rescue cat named Crash won the competition due to his lovable personality and inspirational story. He’s already doing a great job in his new role!

One-eyed cat in blanket pile

Meet Crash!

Crash is a permanent resident of Simply Cats, a feline adoption center in Boise, Idaho. He arrived at the organization after getting in a car accident, where he broke his jaw and one of his legs. He also lost his eye as a result.

However, it didn’t take long for Crash’s true personality to shine through. During his recovery, he showed the volunteers how loving and playful he could be. He stole many hearts during that time, so the volunteers didn’t want to part with him.


Crash tries out for Cadbury bunny

“As he began to heal at a local shelter, his quirky, outgoing personality made everyone quickly fall head over heels for him, leading Crash to become their resident shelter cat,” Simply Cats wrote in a press release. “Crash charms and impresses people as they visit the shelter, performing tricks like high five.”

Since Crash is so loved at the shelter, the volunteers thought he’d be the perfect fit for the 2023 Cadbury Bunny contest. They got him to put on some adorable pink bunny ears so he could steal the hearts of animal lovers worldwide.

Cadbury Bunny Cat Giving High Fives

The Perfect Cadbury Bunny

Crash won over many animal lovers during the Cadbury Bunny competition. He was picked as one of the ten finalists, and then the public voted him into the top spot.

“We are jumping with joy to hear Crash is the next Cadbury Bunny but not surprised as he is always the center of attention in any room. He’s been through so much over the past few years and we appreciate the love his friends, family, and cat enthusiasts across the country have shown,” said Maddie Corey, Crash’s owner.


One-Eyed Cat Becomes Cadbury Bunny

As the winner, Crash has won $5,000 for himself and $5,000 for the charity of his choice. He will also appear in Cadbury commercials and be inducted into the Cadbury Bunny Hall of Fame along with the past four winners.

This year’s contest raised a lot of awareness for rescue animals, but that’s not all Cadbury is doing to make a difference. This spring, Cadbury donated $20,000 to the ASPCA so they can keep helping animals in need. Crash is living proof that animal rescue is important and life-changing.


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