“Purrfectly Resilient: A Heartwarming Story of a Cat’s Journey to Finding New Love and Forever Humans”

Cat So Sad After Being Surrendered Twice But Finds Humans He loves and Won’t Let Go

Meet Aslan, a charming orange cat who endured a bumpy ride in his early years. Unfortunately, he ended up being given up twice, which made him feel unhappy and lost. But when he stumbled upon a family that he felt a connection with, he held on tight and wouldn’t let them go. Now, Aslan is settling into his new home and enjoying life to the fullest.

There’s a rescue group in Elkhart, Indiana called Here Kitty Kitty Rescue that’s been doing a great job finding new homes for abandoned pets. They recently took in a sweet cat named Aslan, who was surrendered by his previous family because they couldn’t take care of him anymore. Aslan is a friendly ginger cat who loves getting attention from people and is always vocal about his feelings. The rescue shared his photos on Facebook, and it didn’t take long for someone to adopt him. But unfortunately, things didn’t work out as expected, and Aslan is still hoping to find his forever home with someone who will love him unconditionally.

Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, a non-profit organization, recently shared a touching tale of a cat named Aslan who was returned to the shelter by his adoptive family. The rescue highlighted that Aslan was not at fault and pledged to find him a forever home. Despite feeling bewildered and abandoned for the second time, Aslan’s rescuers were steadfast in their determination to see him placed in a loving home. They believed that with patience and perseverance, good fortune would come knocking on Aslan’s door when he least expected it.

Kristi Curtis reached out to Here Kitty Kitty Rescue to help save a cat named Aslan. Kristi had been following Aslan’s journey and had already adopted a cat from the same rescue. After watching a video of Aslan, her family instantly fell in love with the charming ginger feline. When Kristi found out that Aslan had been surrendered for the second time, she felt compelled to give him a forever home.

The day after, the writer and her daughter headed out to retrieve Aslan. Upon meeting his new family, the ginger feline appeared quite fond of them and didn’t want to be far from their company. During the car ride back, Aslan managed to break free from his carrier and nestled himself onto the daughter’s lap. The author couldn’t help but express her joy at having Aslan join their household.

According to Kristi Curtis, they were able to get in touch with the family who looked after Aslan before he was given up for adoption. The family was pleased to hear that Aslan is now in good hands and they are delighted to stay connected with his progress and adventures. Curtis also revealed that she discovered some adorable facts about Aslan, such as his fascination with rings made from milk cartons and his tendency to cry at closed windows during winter because he prefers them open.

Kristi Curtis revealed that Aslan, the feline, is a loving and cuddly cat. She mentioned that Aslan relishes snuggling up with humans and enjoys having his tummy rubbed, so much so that he would even lay on people’s feet to receive belly rubs. Kristi also added that Aslan has a unique meow that she describes as a squeaky sound. Moreover, Aslan displays his affection by flopping down on the floor to get attention from his beloved humans.

Kristi Curtis has recounted a touching tale highlighting the benefits of adopting pets instead of purchasing them. Aslan, a remarkable cat, exemplifies this point perfectly. His story is truly awe-inspiring! By clicking on the provided link, you can even listen to his adorable, high-pitched meow. Be sure to inform your friends about this heartwarming story. If you’re interested in assisting with their rescue efforts, visit the link below to learn about how you can help.

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