“Rescued and Revitalized: Meet Atlas Trico – Two Feline Friends Living Their Purrfect Life”

Two rescue cats named Atlas and Trico are living happily with their owner, Justin, in Elk Grove, California. Justin adopted them to keep himself and his older cat, Atlas, company, and he chose shelter cats because he knows that they can be both beautiful and unique. After realizing how photogenic his feline companions were, Justin started sharing their pictures online, and they quickly gained popularity. Their adorable images caught my attention, so I reached out to Justin to feature them on my website, and he kindly agreed. Today, Atlas and Trico spend their days posing for the camera and receiving love and adoration from their fans.

Can you tell me about how Atlas and Trico became a part of your life?

It all began in August 2018 when I got Atlas from the Sacramento SPCA. Having previously owned a cat, I was looking for a companion to keep me company as I was living on my own. I stumbled upon her profile on their website while at work and was instantly smitten by her unique patterns and small size (only 4lbs at 1 year old). Excitedly, I filled out my application and was the first in line to take her home that day. She had a litter of kittens in her past, but they were all adopted as well.

After a year, I thought it would be nice to get Atlas a companion because I was away at work most of the day. I found Trico at Purebreds Plus, a shelter that takes in exotic cats due to overpopulation or breeder deaths. Originally known as Paul Newman, he had bright blue eyes and was only 12 weeks old when I adopted him in August 2019.

Do you have any fun and unique nicknames for your pets? When it comes to my furry friends, I often refer to Atlas as Atlas-sama or just Sama for the giggles. For Trico, I borrowed my old roommate’s nickname for him and call him Trico d’ Beepo.

In terms of personality, Atlas is a bit reserved due to having been a stray cat for the first part of her life. She’s not exactly a lap cat, but with time, she’s warmed up to me and enjoys sleeping in bed with me and getting tons of pets and attention. She’s quite particular and delicate, though she’s patient when it comes to posing for the camera.

Trico, on the other hand, tends to be skittish around new people but is very affectionate once he’s acquainted with someone. He loves to cuddle on laps and headbutt anyone within reach. Despite being a loving companion, Trico can be quite the silly goose. He likes to play rough with his sister and run wild around the house. Oh, and he has a human-like sneeze and isn’t always the best at grooming himself, but I love him all the same!

Atlas is fond of her couch companions and snoozing under the bed, and she’s thrilled by the laser pointer. She relishes frolicking with her sibling, perching on the bathtub while I shower, and lounging in her cozy blue cat bed all day. Trico has a blast with his cat dancer (constructed of chicken wire) and adores chasing his sister around. He prefers slumbering on the chilly tile and kneading me in the afternoons when we snuggle on the bed. The pair of them are wild about having the windows open so they can inhale the fresh breeze and observe the feathered creatures outdoors. Do they coexist with any other cats or dogs? Not yet! In due course, I’d like to adopt a puppy; I’ve always wanted a large husky or wolf hybrid.

Do you know what’s so amazing about Atlas and Trico? Well, let me tell you that they have played a significant role in my life by providing the kind of support that I never imagined. Whenever I felt low, their comforting presence was enough to heal me. Their kind and affectionate nature always touched my heart. It’s no surprise that these two animals with big hearts bring immense joy not only to me but also to their followers on Instagram. A big shoutout to their owner, Justin Martin, for allowing me to share their story and adorable pictures with all the readers of Cattitude Daily. If you want to keep up with these blue-eyed beauties, follow them on Instagram @AtlasandTrico.

The photos featured in this article are from the Instagram accounts of Atlas and Trico.

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