Saving a precious pup with a colossal growth: A remarkable expedition to healing.

When he was rescued, the Weimaraner had a tumor that was so large and heavy that it made it difficult for him to walk. He was given the name Gilbert Grape, but we still don’t know how he managed to survive for so long without receiving any medical attention.

The patient was administered with pain relievers, antibiotics, and had an IV catheter inserted. A thorough examination was conducted, including an ultrasound, blood and urine tests. Due to the severity of the condition, a blood transfusion was necessary. The veterinary team was notified about the tumor upon admission of the patient.

Tickled Pink faced a difficult decision regarding Gilbert’s condition. They could either choose to perform surgery to save his life or compassionate euthanasia to end his pain. However, with the help of charitable efforts by the Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue, they were able to raise enough money, around ₤ 4,300, to cover the cost of Gilbert’s life-saving surgery. Today, Gilbert is happily beaming alongside his new owner Scott Roberts, one year after the removal of his 12lb benign tumor. Although the growth caused Gilbert to lose a significant amount of muscle, he has since regained his strength.

In the area, there is a program that permits nationally recognized rescues to take in animals with medical clearance. However, the policy for stray animals in shelters is to keep them for 72 hours without screening to give the owner a chance to reclaim their pet. Gilbert underwent surgery to remove his tumor and received blood transfusions and an IV catheter to save his life. After several months of physical therapy to regain his lost muscle mass, he was adopted by Scott and given a new home. It is important to note that Gilbert’s rescue occurred in 2013, and Tickled Pink Weimaraner Rescue has continued their efforts to save dogs with special needs, terminally ill pets, and those in need of assistance like Gilbert.

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