“Shelter Dog Shows Overwhelming Gratitude Through Non-Stop Hugging of New Owner”

Kayla Filoon is a volunteer at ACCT Philly, an animal shelter situated in Philadelphia. She has been taking the dogs out for walks for the past year and has developed a strong connection with each of them. However, there is one stray dog that holds a special place in her heart.

ACCT Philly received a stray dog named Russ, who was in a terrible condition. This poor pooch was underweight, had bald patches on his skin, and had bruises all over his body. Moreover, he was also suffering from kennel cough. Russ, who is a four-year-old Pit Bull, had a very unpleasant appearance as he sat in his kennel giving a menacing look to Kayla.

Kayla went for a walk with a dog that did not look very appealing to her. To her surprise, the dog named Russ was quite well-behaved. Unlike other dogs, Russ did not react or bark at anything. Moreover, he demonstrated an affectionate personality and had some understanding of basic commands. After spending time with him, Kayla knew that she wanted to adopt Russ and made the decision to do so the following day.

Kayla was in a hurry as the shelter was facing space issues, which put Russ in danger of being euthanized. She swiftly completed the necessary paperwork and brought Russ home with her the following day to ensure his safety.

Russ appeared to be settling in nicely after less than a fortnight of living with Kayla, as evidenced by various photos. A snapshot captured by Kayla’s aunt depicts him as an affectionate and adorable companion. The two are seen cozied up on the sofa, which proved to be so endearing that it went viral when shared on social media.

Kayla shared a heartwarming story about her cuddly companion. While she was busy doing her homework one night, her furry friend tried to snuggle with her despite having other sleeping options available. Kayla couldn’t help but notice how adorable he looked and felt grateful for the love and affection he showed her.

“He’s really affectionate,” she gushed. “Whenever I’m lying down, he’ll nuzzle his head under my arm or place his paw on my chest. Sometimes he even falls asleep on my chest.”

Kayla is admiring a lovely couple in a picture, and she hopes that by sharing it, other people will be encouraged to adopt shelter dogs and give them the loving home they deserve.

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