“Sorrowful Story of a Mama Dog Abandoned at Shelter During Delivery, Endures Tragic Loss of Her 21 Puppies, Leaving a Heart-Wrenching Emptiness”

A kindhearted individual abandoned a mother dog who was in labor for a whole day at the Boone Location Humane Society. The poor pup had to undergo an emergency C-section and suffered two cardiac arrests during the operation, but fortunately, the vets managed to stabilize her. She also received a blood transfusion and was closely monitored in the ICU at Iowa State’s College of Vet Med.

According to the Boone Area Humane Society’s Facebook page, the vets at ISU have revealed that the female dog under their care is a senior dog who has given birth to several litters in the past. Instead of spending her golden years in comfort, she was bred and abandoned when she had complications during labor.

A mother dog gave birth to 21 puppies, but unfortunately, all of them passed away despite the best efforts of veterinarians to save them. It is believed that due to the large number of puppies, they were unable to receive adequate nutrients while in the womb, leading to their underdevelopment and eventual demise.

Ruthie, the mother dog who was rescued, is fortunately showing signs of improvement. She is now known by her new name, Ruthie, and is capable of eating by herself and getting up to leave the house. Not only does she have a lovely personality, but she has also been released from the hospital and is in the care of her new foster family as she continues to recover.

While Ruthie is being taken care of, the Humane Society is working hard to charge the perpetrator responsible for Ruthie’s suffering. However, with Iowa’s insufficient animal welfare laws, it is always a challenging legal battle for them.

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