Standing Up for My Pet: How I Responded to Accusations of Animal Abuse as a Fatty’s Owner

Although cats are known for being slender, there are some exceptions. Meet Liznya, a feline that can’t seem to resist overindulging in food. Despite being labeled as a ‘small kitty’ on her Instagram profile, Liznya is actually incredibly overweight. In fact, her size has led some individuals to accuse her owner of animal abuse.

According to her owner Vlad, who resides in Engels, Russia, Liznya wasn’t this hefty when she was younger. Her weight gain began after giving birth to six kittens, as she kept consuming food without any breaks. Usually, cats stop eating much after childbirth, but Liznya didn’t follow the norm.

Instead of just watching his cat gain weight, he took action by seeking advice from veterinarians and decided to have her spayed. However, despite the procedure, the cat’s weight continued to increase. He then went on to consult with nutritionists and different veterinarians, all of whom suggested a specific diet. He followed their recommendations and put the cat on a special diet, but unfortunately, there was no significant improvement.

According to veterinary experts, hormonal changes may be the cause behind Liznya’s massive size. Vlad has faced allegations of feeding the cat for online attention, but he strongly denies these claims. He maintains that he ensures Liznya stays active and has regulated her food intake. Despite his efforts, he has received numerous mean messages, though a handful of people have been supportive.

According to him, he’s open-minded towards receiving guidance and suggestions. Although he acknowledges that he’s not an ideal owner, he’s making sincere efforts to improve. Let’s all cheer for Liznya to conquer her challenges and stand by Vlad’s side. Join us in supporting them!

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