“The Brave Canine’s Journey: Surviving the Perils of the Forest”

In Salisbury, located in North Carolina, animal advocates stood up against the cruel neglect of a dog. They refused to let the poor creature suffer any longer. They never gave up on him! On a Sunday morning, images of the emaciated dog lying on the ground with a heavy chain around his neck were shared on social media. The dog looked like he was on the brink of death. Amy Lewis, an animal advocate, took to social media and urged people to come forward and help this innocent animal.

Amy shared on her Facebook page that she had been informed that Rowan County Animal Control in North Carolina had been alerted multiple times by concerned citizens about a dog in danger, yet no action had been taken. The dog’s life was at risk, and Amy urged everyone to act quickly to save it. She expressed dismay that an animal control officer, whose duty is to protect and serve animals, could find this situation acceptable. Amy provided the address of the property but cautioned readers not to trespass and instead contact government authorities to legally assist the dog.

After receiving multiple calls and contacts from concerned individuals to both the police and animal control, an officer arrived at the location and assisted in arranging transportation for the dog to an emergency veterinary clinic. The dog’s condition was then updated once it arrived at the Cabarrus Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

The name of the animal in question is Rocko. Although he is underweight and slightly dehydrated, he is able to move around on his own now that he has been taken to the veterinarian. Despite having broken bones and open wounds, he managed to consume half a can of a recovery diet and drink water on his own. It is not necessary for him to be kept overnight and he is not currently in any critical condition. This information was updated by a volunteer.

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