Turning the Tables: The Unapologetic Response of a Pet Owner Accused of Animal Abuse

Cats are often known for their slim physique, but there are a number of cats out there who struggle with excessive weight gain. One such cat is Liznya, who despite being referred to as a “small kitty” on her Instagram profile, has become severely overweight due to her insatiable appetite. Unfortunately, this has led to some people accusing her owner of mistreating the animal.

According to Vlad, the owner from Engels in Russia, Liznya wasn’t a big cat initially. However, after her pregnancy, she started putting on weight as she continued to eat excessively. Despite giving birth to six kittens, Liznya never stopped eating like most cats usually do.

Instead of sitting back and watching his cat gain weight, Vlad took action and sought advice from multiple veterinarians. Even after spaying his cat, she still struggled with weight gain. Vlad continued to seek help from nutritionists and veterinarians and followed their recommended diet plan, but unfortunately, the desired results were not achieved.

Veterinarians suspect that hormonal changes are responsible for Liznya’s size. Despite accusations of overfeeding for online attention, owner Vlad denies such claims and asserts that he maintains his cat’s activity level while regulating her food intake. However, the backlash has been severe with only a handful of people providing support amidst a barrage of cruel messages.

According to him, he is open to receiving guidance and suggestions. He admits that he may not be an ideal proprietor, but he is exerting great effort to improve. Our team is hoping for Liznya to prevail over her difficulty and back up Vlad, and we encourage you to do the same.

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