“Unlikely Duo of Blind Dog and Furry Feline Discover Joyful, Forever Home”

These two furry friends are proof that a little companionship can conquer almost any obstacle. Despite the common saying of “fighting like cats and dogs,” this newly-adopted duo relies on teamwork, collaboration, and an unbreakable bond. Meet Spike and Max, an unlikely pair who remind us to cherish life and keep those we trust close by. Spike is a mixed-breed dog who lost his sight and is now eight years old, while Max, also eight, is his loyal feline companion. Sadly, their previous owners surrendered them to the Saving Grace Animal Society, an animal shelter located in Alberta, Canada, on January 25th.

A pair of cats named Max and Spike had formed a strong bond after living outside for some time, cuddling together to keep warm. Unfortunately, Spike had severe cataracts that required the removal of his eyes. Max became more of a supportive cat rather than following Spike around. The shelter where they resided promoted their story on Facebook to find them a permanent home. Spike was described as a happy and cheerful guy who enjoys resting his head on nearby laps while Max is his constant companion. The post went viral and gained thousands of likes and shares, resulting in the cats finding a new home in just 11 days.

Saving Grace Animal Charity shared some exciting news that Spike and Max have been adopted as a pair and are on their way to their new home in Manitoba.

The post shared that the lovely pair has found a new home with their newly adopted mother and we couldn’t be more thrilled for them. We wish them all the best in their new home. If you’re interested in adopting your own furry companions, check out the Daily Paws adoption guide for more information.

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