“Unrecognizable Transformation: Rescued ‘Battling Bite’ Dog with Half a Face Finds Love and Hope”

A beloved pooch who was once a victim of dog fighting and suffered significant facial injuries has finally found true love after being taken in by a compassionate family. Haddie, as she is affectionately known, is barely recognizable after enduring vicious attacks from other dogs during an illegal dog fighting ring. However, thanks to her new family’s unwavering love and care, Haddie is now on the road to recovery and thriving in her new surroundings.

Due to her skin deteriorating and flaking off, a substantial amount of skin had to be removed, resulting in Erin Williams having only one eye. However, Erin was drawn to her distinctive appearance and the two live happily in Washington, D.C. Haddie, who initially had a phobia of other dogs, now enjoys playing in her local park and has become a true dog’s dog according to Erin. Erin found Haddie on petfinder.com in August 2020 and couldn’t stop thinking about her.

A kind stranger rescued Haddie from a dogfighting ring and brought her to Mutt Scouts in South California. Despite being only two years old, Haddie had been hurt all over, but her face was the most injured. The veterinarian explained that her injuries were a result of her being used as a “bait dog.” Erin, one of the staff members, stated that they didn’t have much information about Haddie’s experience in the dogfighting world, but it was possible that the other dogs continuously attacked her as part of their “training.”

Erin and Haddie became inseparable after Mutt Scouts paired them up and changed their lives. As Haddie’s true birthday was unknown, Erin decided to celebrate it on January 19th, which is also Dolly Parton’s birthday. It’s important to remember that in dogfighting cases, all of the dogs involved are victims.

Erin initially described Haddie as a friendly and playful dog, but she had a deep-seated fear of other canines that would cause her to shiver uncontrollably at the sound or sight of them. To help her overcome this phobia, Erin enlisted the help of a professional dog trainer. The process involved gradually introducing Haddie to other dogs while giving her treats, starting from a distance and slowly moving closer over time. Erin attributes Haddie’s success in overcoming her fear to her intelligence and resilience. Now, Haddie enjoys playing with other dogs in her local park and even does a little happy hop when she’s excited to go outside.

The narrator describes Haddie as a social and friendly dog who enjoys human interaction and attention. Erin, Haddie’s owner, mentions that the dog particularly likes having her ears rubbed. As Haddie has scars and a sensitive nose, she needs to have sunscreen applied before going outside. However, other than these minor differences, she is just like any other dog in terms of behavior and personality. When strangers notice her unique appearance, they tend to ask questions, but Erin claims that the reactions are not as negative as she had initially anticipated.

Most people respond positively to Erin and her one-of-a-kind dog, Haddie, with warmth and kindness. Erin’s enthusiasm for life is infectious and inspiring, as noted by those around her. While there may be some who offer harsh remarks or uneasy looks, they are few and far between, and their loss in getting to know Erin and Haddie is their own. Haddie has also been a source of comfort and support for Erin in dealing with depression, reminding her to take walks and offering afternoon naps. Through setting up social media profiles for Haddie, Erin has discovered the incredibly kind and encouraging community that exists online. The support of her fans has shown Erin how nice the world can truly be.

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