Unwavering Mother Dog: Abandoned and Injured by Train, Continues to Nurture Her Four Pups

When faced with the heart-wrenching spectacle of stray dogs left on their own, it’s hard not to become emotional. But, it’s also important to acknowledge that not all mother dogs possess the same level of grit, resilience, and devotion as Si Bao.

This dog was left behind by its owner and suffered a terrible accident where its hind legs got crushed by a train. Si Bao’s life seemed bleak until she gave birth to four beautiful and healthy puppies, who brought new hope and meaning to her existence.

Si Bao regained her zest for life after becoming a mother, and she remained resilient and strong in caring for her children. She walked on her two front legs, constantly keeping an eye on her little ones.

Lelly, a heroic mother dog who was previously struggling to survive off scraps of food thrown away by travelers at the train track, had her luck turned around when the nonprofit Animals Asia intervened and rescued her family. The organization made Lelly an animal ambassador and relocated her and her surviving puppy Muddie to their headquarters, where they can begin a new life. Lelly has even been given wheeled prosthetic legs to improve her mobility. Her three other puppies unfortunately died from a high fever, but Lelly and Muddie are now safe and thriving under the care of Animals Asia.

Lelly is currently enjoying a luxurious life as an ambassador for Animals in Asia. Although she may be small, her unwavering spirit and resilience demonstrate that she refuses to succumb to challenges.

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